About Lee

With a voice that's larger than life and a sound that stands out from the crowd, Lee Uber truly is "The Ubervoice".

Lee is no stranger to life behind mics, mixing boards, and audio workstations. With a formal background in Top 40 and college radio, he has spent countless hours using his voice to inform and entertain the masses. Lee also has advanced technical training in audio engineering, having completed a 900 hour course at the SAE Institute in Nashville, TN, and is highly skilled at the audio editing and mixing processes.

Lee currently lives and works out of his home in Glendale, CA. In addition to his home studio, he is readily available for Los Angeles area auditions and ISDN sessions at the studio of your choosing.



Lee's voice speaks for itself! Listen to the demos below.

Commercial Demo

Promo Demo

Narration Demo


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